hi i'm maddie and i like music and supernatural and i don't really know what i'm doing

27/30 of Alex yells at you for being perfECT x

my dad is taking my brother, sister and I to New York for a week and we leave on Saturday I’m so excited omg



i love catfish so much because they act like theyre fbi agents or something when theyre really just using reverse google image search

i thought you meant the animal and let me tell you that was a wild minute of me trying to figure out the psychology of fish thinking they’re federal law enforcement

  1. baby: i- i-i-i- i-
  2. mother: i love you?? are you saying i love you???tony come quick get the camera
  3. baby: i-i- i dont understand why the new up-and-coming meme is a baby saying its first words, because its not really funny per se and it defies the very structure and iota of what a tumblr meme is; a short, chuckleworthy sentence such as ''..................slime man'', ''free him'' or ''i came out tonight to have a good time and i am honestly feeling so attacked right now'' that can be put after an image post or text post alike. i am wholeheartedly baffled by this whole new meme era and i hope soon that we return to the conventional tumblr meme styles.

College be like



Housing: $2,980
Meal plan: $1,457
Books: $1,429
Enrollment: $983
Air: $3,274
Grass: $4,284
Sidewalk: $5,284
The sun: $3,381

FASFA BE LIKE : $14.78

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Why one eyebrow always comin out Gucci and the other eyebrow comin out Walmart

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this is unacceptable


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Tonight Alive
By Taylor Hanson




i could use a good laugh